The Matriculation ceremony marks your formal admission to the University. Attendance is compulsory (unless you are a graduate from Cambridge or Trinity College, Dublin).  Overseas Visiting students are not required to Matriculate.  Matriculation takes place on Saturday in the first week of term.  For the 2011/12 Academic Year, this will be 15 October 2011.  If you are unable to attend on the Saturday for reasons of religion or belief, you will be able to matriculate on the Thursday of eighth week.  Hilary term starters will attend the Matriculation ceremony held in March and Trinity Term starters in June.

Graduates of Cambridge University and Trinity College, Dublin (specific degree holders) can choose to matriculate and/or have their (Cambridge/Trinity College, Dublin) degrees incorporated at a degree ceremony (in absentia) within two terms of their start date.  Incorporation means that Oxford would issue you a degree certificate for the same degrees you were awarded by Cambridge or Trinity, but it would state, for example, 'Bachelor of Arts by Incorporation'.  If you choose to Incorporate please send the following documentation to the Academic Secretary as soon as possible:

  • an email or letter from your College in Cambridge or from Trinity College, Dublin confirming terms of residency kept and your  Matriculation date
  • a copy of your Degree Certificate

Further information about Matriculation can be found here