General Meeting (GM)

General Meeting occurs twice each term and is an opportunity for all College and Common Room members to discuss relating to the College and Common Room.

Most College committees summarise provide copies of their minutes to the General Meeting, at which College Officers including the President, Bursar and Vicegerent are usually present. Members of College (who are also members of Common Room) are welcome to attend and may vote on matters pertaining to the College or Common Room. Members of Common Room are also welcome to attend and may vote on matters pertaining to the Common Room only.

Student representation at the General Meeting is very important as it is the main meeting at which students can voice their opinions on College matters.  If you have something that you would like to be discussed in a forthcoming meeting, please contact the Chair of the General Meeting or the Common Room Administrator. Anybody can raise an issue for discussion.

There are two General Meetings each term, on the Wednesday of Weeks 2 and 7 at 5.30 pm, traditionally in the Upper Common Room.

The General Meeting oversees the business of the Common Room and may delegate business to the Social and Cultural Committee.

Chair of the General Meeting

Members of College and Members of Common Room are entitled to vote for their Common Room Officers, including the Chair of the General Meeting who is elected annually. The Chair of the General Meeting is elected at the second General Meeting of Hilary Term from among the members of the Governing Body. This is an important role which provides continuity in the management of Common Room affairs.

The Chair of the General meeting sends out a weekly newsletter to all College members to announce events and services.