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THSC lecture: Embodying Enlightenment: The Secret Yogas of Tibet
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Thursday 21 January 2016


17:00 to 18:30

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Ian Baker will speak on Embodying Enlightenment: The Secret Yogas of Tibet

This illustrated talk focuses on the deeply embodied physical practices within Tibetan Buddhism that have persisted alongside, but distinct from, Tibet’s monastic traditions of ritual and scriptural study. Based on objects in the current ‘Tibet’s Secret Temple’ exhibition at London’s Wellcome Collection, the talk will explore the foundations of body-mind practices within Vajrayana Buddhism and Dzogchen, their historical transmission to Tibet and other parts of the Himalayan world, and their introduction to the West. The talk will further address the politics of concealment and revelation that have led to lingering misunderstandings about the nature and purposes of these practices as well as their interface with contemporary neuroscientific research into the roots of human wellbeing. Ian Baker is an anthropologist, author, and independent Tibetan scholar who served as co-curator for ‘Tibet’s Secret Temple: Body, Mind, and Meditation in Tantric Buddhism’, a current exhibition at London’s Wellcome Collection.

Location: Oriental Institute (Pusey Lane, behind the Ashmolean Museum), Lecture Room 2

Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Centre​ event.