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THSC conference: The interplay between the spoken and the written word in Tibetan literature


Friday 13 May 2016 to Saturday 14 May 2016

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The dynamic interaction between the spoken and the written word remains largely overlooked in the scholarship on Tibetan literature. This interplay needs to be explored for a deeper understanding of Tibetan civilization in general and a more nuanced appreciation of Tibetan literary creations in particular. The fertile and complex interaction within major categories: religious literature, which comprises treatises, devotional verse, ritual texts, mgur (poem-songs); biographical and historical narratives, legal documents, kāvya tradition, prose writing and contemporary poetry and fiction, needs to be subjected to critical enquiry. This is the first international conference on the interplay of Tibetan literary texts and oral art forms. At will bring together internationally respected academics and contemporary Tibetan writers and scholars and provide an unprecedented venue for exchanging opinions and findings and for exploring new ideas, methods and themes.

For registration and enquiries please write to: Convener, Dr Lama Jabb.

Space is limited, so please register ASAP. 

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