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[OxfordXML] Hilary Term Debate: Risks and Benefits of Open Sourcing Language Models

Add to Calendar [OxfordXML] Hilary Term Debate: Risks and Benefits of Open Sourcing Language Models
Jakob Foerster, Christian Schroeder de Witt, Francisco Girbal, Aleks Petrov, Joshua Loo, Fazl Barez
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There is provision for wheelchair users.
LOCATION (Important): Lecture Room 2, Thom Building, Department of Engineering Science, OX1 3PJ


The debate focuses on evaluating the tradeoff between the risks and benefits of open-sourcing Large Language Models (LLMs). The proponents will argue in favor of open sourcing, aiming to demonstrate that its benefits, including fostering innovation and broad access, exceed its risks. Conversely, the opponents will advocate for keeping LLM research and development under closed source, arguing that the potential negative impacts, such as misuse and security issues, are more significant than the advantages.

The Debaters:

Proposition team:

Christian​ Schroeder

Francisco​ Girbal

Fazl​ Barez

Opposition team:

Jakob​ Foerster

Joshua​ Loo

Aleks​ Petrov


The audience will be asked to vote before and after the debate on the key topics using pseudonyms (to track vote-migration).

RSVP: We will provide snacks and drinks, to have a clear estimate of the numbers, please fill out the form: https://forms.gle/vW1supLXT354JkkU8

If you have any questions, please reach out to the OxfordXML organisers:

Botos Csaba: csaba.botos@wolfson.ox.ac.uk

Yi Yin: yi.yin@wrh.ox.ac.uk

Antoniya Georgieva: antoniya.georgieva@wrh.ox.ac.uk

Hope to see you soon,

Csabi, on behalf of OxfordXML