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OCLW Lecture: ‘The Author in the Popular Imagination'
Author in the popular imagination 13 March 2015


Friday 13 March 2015


17:30 to 19:00



‘Border-Crossing Authors’. The second of a seminar series organised by Joanna Neilly (Queen’s, Oxford) on The Author in the Popular Imagination, features Barry Murnane (St John’s, Oxford) on ‘Romantic Doubles: Walter Scott, E.T.A. Hoffmann and Literary Reputation’ and Joanna Neilly (Queen’s, Oxford) on ‘A German Rousseau? Karl Gutzkow’s novella Jean Jacques (1854) and the Modern German Author’. The seminar series is supported by TORCH and OCLW, and is one of many collaborative projects between OCLW and TORCH.

Barry Murnane is Associate Professor in German and a Fellow of St. John’s College. His first book was a monograph on Franz Kafka (2008) and he has co-edited two volumes on the German Schauerroman, or Gothic novel (2011 and 2012) with Andrew Cusack. He is currently working on a monograph exploring the relationship between literature and pharmacy in the long eighteenth century and is editing a special issue of ANGERMION on Anglo-German cultural relations during the Hanoverian period.

Joanna Neilly is Lecturer in German at the Queen's College Oxford. She was awarded her thesis at the University of Edinburgh in 2013, and is currently completing her first book, on orientalism in the work of the German Romantic writer E.T.A. Hoffmann. Her next project explores the changing conditions of authorship in the German nineteenth century, with a particular emphasis on the fictionalization of real-life authors in German literature of the period.


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