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Mixed Circuits


Thursday 16 January 2020
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18:00 to 19:15


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Wolfson College Boat Club

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Mixed Circuits are organised by the Boat Club and run every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM all year round in the Games Room. Free and open to all members of college, the sessions are great for rowers keeping fit in the off-season, as a supplement to regular training, or for non-rowers who want to get a bit of exercise while seeing the enthusiasm of the Boat Club first-hand. The workout consists of a few sets of “body-weight” exercises, including crunches, press-ups, squats, etc. The pace of the session ensures that it’s perfect for all abilities — high-level athletes will be sweating just as much as first-timers. Sessions are informal, and include a warm-up at the beginning and guided stretching afterwards. The entire programme takes just over an hour, and generally increases in difficulty throughout the academic year.