Film Society Screening: Molière (Part II)

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The Leonard Wolfson Auditorium
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The next four films will be films about actors and auteurs: How can cinema capture performance, not only as an artistic medium, but as its own subject?

We begin in 17th-century France with Ariane Mnouchkine’s grand classic, Molière. With 120 actors, 600 participants, 1300 costumes, 220 sets and after two years of work, this film tells the fascinating story of Molière, and of his century, in four hours. How did he become the prodigious actor, and univerally acclaimed author so well, and yet so little known? From his childhood to his death, we follow Molière and his travelling companions, in their joy, misery and glory throughout a savage yet refined XVIIth century France, sharing their first theatrical adventures, their successes and failures, their valiant struggles and moments of cowardice.