Daniel Andersson

Research Fellow in History
Faculty of History

College position:

Dr. Daniel Andersson is a historian of the classical tradition, with a focus on the early modern period. He received his PhD at the Warburg Institute and his research has been supported by various institutions, including the Max Planck Gesellaschaft, the Fundatia noua europa, and the l’École normale supérieure in Lyon.

In collaboration with two colleagues, Andersson is currently editing a new edition of the early philosophical works of Francis Bacon, which will throw a good deal of light on his philosophical development and his connection with the Renaissance curriculum. He is also undertaking a study, both philological and literary, of certain aspects of the reception of the Roman poet Horace in Renaissance France. Further, he is interested in the textual tradition of the chief work of Aristotle, the Physics, and studies both the Greek and the sole Arabic manuscripts in which this text has come down to us. In addition, he is working on a monograph of the theological and social problems of the 'practical divines' of England (1580-1640).