Cross-Disciplinary Machine Learning (XML) Cluster

Promoting a cross-disciplinary machine learning community to share, learn and connect.

What is the OxfordXML Cluster?

OxfordXML brings together researchers across different disciplines to share and learn about the impact of machine learning in their respective fields, such as physics, finance, social sciences, engineering, healthcare, and psychology.

Our mission is to provide a cross-disciplinary platform for Machine Learning researchers, both within the University and around the world, to share, learn and connect with other researchers across different disciplines.

For more information, please visit our website.


OxfordXML Cluster organises term-time hybrid talks, held at Wolfson College and online, discussing different applications of Machine Learning in an informal and supportive setting.

We welcome anyone interested in learning more about Machine Learning applications across different fields. Past attendees of our events include postgraduate students, early career researchers and professors.

Who are we?

The committee members are Dr Yaling Hsiao, Dr Yi Yin, and Prof Antoniya Georgieva.

The cluster community is open to all. To join our mailing list or for any other queries, please email the Dr Yi Yin at

Contact Details:

Wolfson College,
Linton Road, 
Oxford, OX2 6UD