STIPENDIARY JUNIOR RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP: Constructor Theory and Quantum Thermodynamics

This listing was posted on

17 January 2019


£34,000 pa (pro-rata for 6 months)

Length of contract:

an equivalent of 6 months full time

Application deadline:

Saturday 2 February

Wolfson College, a postgraduate college of the University of Oxford, proposes to appoint one stipendiary Junior Research Fellow in constructor theory, theory of macroscopicity and quantum coherence, to work with flexible arrangements (part-time or full time) for the equivalent of six months starting from noughth week of Trinity Term 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Wolfson College is a postgraduate college with an exceptionally strong tradition in quantum foundations. In particular, the Wolfson Frontiers Hub, is a recently developed research cluster whose aim is to investigate how quantum physics can be extended beyond the microscopic domain into the domain of macroscopic systems, ultimately leading to a new, more fundamental description of physical reality. To further strengthen this expertise, the College is seeking to appoint a stipendiary Junior Research Fellow, working at the College for an equivalent of 6 months, on topics closely related to constructor theory, quantum coherence and quantum macroscopicity.

Main tasks of the Fellowship:

  • Realise a theoretical modelling of constructor-theoretic irreversibility in quantum systems, with tools from constructor theory, resource theory, theory of macroscopicity, quantum coherence and quantum entanglement.
  • Responsible for establishing research connections with other experimental and theory groups, via academic visits.
  • Contribute to the positive atmosphere and the intellectual life of the College, taking part in conversations and discussions within the Frontiers, and also with the Wolfson Fellows and graduate Students.
  • Writing of research papers for internationally refereed journals and presenting results at national and international conferences.
  • The Fellow is permitted to undertake up to six hours' teaching per week

Qualifications required Essential: 

  • Sc (or equivalent) degree in theoretical physics or closely related discipline, and a PhD in related area, with special emphasis on quantum foundations and quantum information.
  • Proven research skills in quantum macroscopicity, the theory of quantum correlations, quantum coherence, and resource theory.
  • Proven research skills in designing measures to quantify the usefulness of quantum coherence in operational schemes.
  • Demonstrated leadership in collaborative work.
  • Interest in studying quantum coherent phenomena and thermodynamical properties of macroscopic quantum systems.
  • Demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary research, willingness to talk to experimental physicists and computer scientists.
  • Demonstrated experience of pro-actively establishing research connections with experiment and theory groups and preparing research outputs.
  • Demonstrated communication skills, both oral and written for disseminations of research outputs.
  • Demonstrated ability and motivation to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team. Desirable
  • An understanding of the basic research work in the field of constructor theory.
  • Knowledge of basic open problems in the field of catalytic resource theory.
  • Knowledge of the basics of quantum and atom optics.
  • Ability to lead and coordinate interdisciplinary research teams.
  • Ability to contribute positively in an interdisciplinary environment such as the College.

The Fellowship will commence in week noughth of Trinity Term 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. The full job description and selection criteria must be consulted before submitting an application: (Word version) (PDF version).

Applications and references must reach the College by 2nd of February 2018. Interviews will be held on Friday 22 February 2019 and no alternative date will be offered.

Enquiries should be addressed to President’s PA at, tel: +44 1865 274102. This is a College vacancy and the terms and conditions of the post are available at: The University terms and conditions shown elsewhere on this site do not apply to this post. The appointment will be subject to the satisfactory completion of a medical questionnaire, the provision of proof of the right to work in the UK and signing a contract of employment.

The closing date for applications is
Saturday 2 February 2019
JRF in Constructor Theory and Quantum Thermodynamics FPsDownload
JRF in Constructor Theory and Quantum Thermodynamics FPsDownload