Graduation Ceremony Waitlist Form for Historic Graduands

Use this form to request a place on the waitlist of your preferred ceremony date if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • You completed your programme of study in a previous year but haven't yet had the degree conferred at a ceremony either in person or in absentia.
  • You declined the invitation to book a ceremony using eVision and were advised to contact the College for the next suitable date.
  • No future ceremony dates were available when you tried to book a ceremony using eVision.

As part of the degree ceremony, the degree day brochure is provided to all guests on arrival at the ceremony, and often forms a cherished memento of this special day. You can elect not to have your name published in this brochure by selecting 'No' to Name in Brochure at the bottom of this form. If you elect not to have your name published in the degree day brochure, please inform your guests in advance so that they know not to expect your name to appear and do not think there has been a printing error.

Must be the title used when you were a student.
Must be full name and surname used when you were a student; subject to check by Degree Conferrals for incl. on certificate.
Enter the award relevant to this ceremony.
Enter the Programme of Study relevant to this ceremony.
I agree to the Terms and Conditions set out in the attached link.