26 - 26
Apr Apr
Juxtapose: Challenges of Comparative Research on Contemporary China and India


Friday 26 April 2013


08:00 to 17:00


Organisers: Yuge Ma (DPhil candidate, School of Geography and the Environment) and Danielle Karanjeet de Feo-Giet (DPhil Candidate, Oriental Institute) 

Over the past 20 years, India and China have experienced rapid economic growth which has transformed their positions in the world, their view of themselves, and their impact on the planet.

However, unbearable burdens of development have come with growth: environmental degradation, social and regional inequality, physical and mental health problems, mass migration, and grassroots riots. India and China tackle their similar challenges in very different ways, reflecting their contrasting political systems: democracy and totalitarianism.

The fascinating tension created by the similarities and differences between the two has attracted a rich multi-disciplinary scholarship of Sino-Indian comparison in recent years. Previous attempts at such comparative studies have suggested that what and how we compare heavily depends on theoretical approaches dominant in each country. These approaches however, are neither consistent nor cohesive, and given that the global reality is also diverse, it is surprising that we should expect them to be.

How is this theoretical problem to be overcome? How could we form a better comparative framework to understand India and China in our changing world? This workshop aimed to build up a platform for these discussions among scholars at Oxford and beyond.

For full details of the day, please visit http://indiachinaresearch.blogspot.co.uk/

30 participants attended the workshop in Wolfson, there were 200 page views for the conference live stream and nearly 2000 since the videos were posted online. Sources: India, China, USA, UK, Korea, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Spain, Indonesia and Austria.


All three sessions of the Juxtapose workshop are online at www.youtube.com/user/JuxtaposeProject?feature=vmdshb.