Martin Francis

College position:

Dr Martin Francis gained an MA and DPhil at Balliol College from 1958 to1965. He acted as Assistant Principal, Ministry of Health (Oct. 1965 Aug. 1967); Research Scientist Unilever PLC  (Aug. 1967 May 1969), Studying Rose Perfume Compounds and Biosynthesis; Research Fellow, Lecturer and University Lecturer in Biochemistry, Nuffield Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Oxford (June 1969 Sept 2006).  He was Fellow and Extraordinary Fellow, Wolfson College (Jan. 1979 Sept. 2010); Secretary to Governing Body (Oct. 1986 Sept. 1994); Vicegerent, (April 1997 March 1999); Senior Tutor (Sept. 2001 Sept 2010); Chairman of Senior Tutors Committee (Jan. 2005 Sept 2008), and of Tutors for Graduates Committee (Oct. 2004 Sept 2005 and Oct Dec. 2007).

Francis' research focuses on Inherited Disorders of Connective Tissue and Bone Metabolism. He has published over 100 articles.