Nicholas Allen

Emeritus Fellow

College position:

Emeritus Fellow of ISCA and Wolfson since 2001, Nicholas Allen studied Himalayan Anthropology particularly in the period 1967-1983. His doctoral fieldwork in eastern Nepal led to several articles and to Miyapma: Oral Traditions of the Thulung Rai (Vajra, Kathmandu, 2012). Allen's fieldwork photos, including many from Kinnaur, are in the Pitt Rivers Museum.

As Lecturer/Reader in the Social Anthropology of South Asia (1976-2001) Nicholas Allen developed four lines of reserch. 1: Himalayan Studies. 2: World history of kinship systems. 3: French social anthropology, particuarly Marcel Mauss (1872-1950). 4: Indo-European cultural comparativism (a rather neglected field and Allen's major interest for at least 25 years).