Updated Wed 1 Dec

A Block (mostly staff offices, but also Upper and Lower CRs)

Window replacements in Block A mean the common room is being located for a short time: 

  • Fri 3 Dec to Mon 13 Dec
    • Lower Common Room closed for works 
    • Upper Common Open closed from Fri 3 Dec until Fri 10 Dec.
    • Alternative common room available in the Bar / Games Room between 08:00 and 18:00.
  • Fri 10 Dec to Fri 17 Dec
    • Upper Common Room closed between 08:00 and 18:00 
    • Alternative common room available in the College Bar and Games Room from 08:00 until 18:00 daily.
  • Upper Common Room seating area will remain available from 18:00 daily along with some coffee facilities.
  • From December 17th Upper Common Room will re-open fully and works will cease in all A-Block areas.

B Block – largely complete

Windows are largely complete, but some remedial works to the windows in the communal areas will take place in December. Spring replacements, with some short periods of noise, are happening W/C Dec 6, and finishing after the W/C Jan 4. Individual affected residents have been informed.

Some ground floor kitchen windows have a different type of window that has taken longer to procure, so these will be completed in January.

C Block - largely complete

Windows are progressing well so far and we're coming to the final phases. The glass supply has remained on time, and residents are receiving the full notice period. We have also allowed more time for the window work in each room, which has enabled more time for cleaning. 

E Block - complete

F, G and H Blocks - starting now

There is a Teams meeting for the families at 5:30pm on Wed 1st Dec.

F block is due to start on Mon 10 Jan, and G and H blocks will follow – we will be confirming exact dates with those concerned in due course.

*Please be aware that for all window changes there will be a number of visits, including: measurements (mostly done); installation; a follow up quality check; and a visit to carry our any remedial works.

Updated Wed 1 Dec

The new radiators and/or valves have now been fitted across the main site – these have been designed to operate with the new electric heat pumps, which will be connected in February. In the meantime, if you find that your radiator goes cold while turned on, this is likely due to the way the new valves operate and you do not need to worry provided your room remains warm.

You can still adjust your heating within a certain range, so if you feel you need to, just adjust the valve with the grey sleeve. If you find that room warmth is an issue, please report it to our maintenance team and we will investigate. 

The design of the new electric heating system has now been completed. Work is currently underway to dig a trench across the road from the cycle park at the front of College round to the LWA. This has currently passed the LWA and reached outside C and C/M blocks. 

Please take care during this time to follow the pedestrian diversions, which will be signposted. 

What's next   


Some of the noisy work will affect the Nursery and we are therefore in touch with the Nursery on plans to mitigate this. Further details will be provided in due course. 


Our new electrical substation is due to be built by the electricity providers next to the Annex in February. Ground works will take place from the electrical substation halfway up Linton Road down to our new substation by the Annex. This work is being done by the electricity providers (SSE) in February or March.

Electrical shut downs (see timeline) - we will need to have a day without electricity for most of the day while the new supplies are connected. The aim will be to have the power back on by the evening. We will provide dates nearer the time so you can plan accordingly.   

There will be interruptions to heating and hot water on several occasions (hopefully for no more than a few hours each time) while the new systems are connected and tested.  A further visit will be required to all rooms to check and make any final adjustments.