College committees

Committees are at the centre of college government and students at Wolfson may participate in the College decision–making process to an extent that is almost unknown at other colleges.

The Governing Body, General Meeting and most College committees meet regularly twice each term according to the schedule below. 

Governing Body (GB) 4:00 pm Wednesdays Weeks 3 & 8
General Meeting (GM) 5:30 pm Wednesdays Weeks 2 & 7
Academic Committee (AC) 1:30 pm Mondays  Weeks 0 & 5
Domestic & Premises Committee (DPC) 1:30 pm Tuesdays Weeks 0 & 5
Equality and Welfare Committee (EWC) 1:30 pm Mondays Week 4
Fellowships & Membership Committee (FMC) 1:30 pm Wednesdays Weeks 0 & 5
Finance Committee (FC) 3:00 pm Wednesdays Week 5
General Purposes Committee (GPC) 1:30 pm Wednesdays Weeks 1 & 6
Social & Cultural Committee (SCC) 5:00 pm Wednesdays Weeks 0 & 5

Student Representatives

The following students have been elected to serve on the Governing Body and the General Purposes Committee for the period Trinity Term 2017 to Hilary Term 2018:

Elected members of Governing Body (GB) (Trinity Term 2017 to Hilary Term 2018)
  • Luis Hildebrandt Belmont (GS)
  • Adam Howe (GS)
  • George Kunnath (JRF)
  • Marco Molteni (GS)
  • Amogh Dhar Sharma (GS)
  • Akash Trivedi (GS)
Elected members of General Purposes Committee (GPC) for Trinity Term 2017 to Hilary Term 2018 only
  • Michael Clark (JRF)
  • Diana Rodriguez-Perez (JRF)
  • Amogh Dhar Sharma (GS)
  • Lycourgos Sophoulis (GS)

The Chairs of the General Meeting and the Social and Cultural Committee also serve on the GPC.

Chair of the General Meeting

Luis Hildebrandt Belmont

Chair of the Social and Cultural Committee

Sabin Sulzer

For details of the membership of all committees, please see the documents below.

Discipline Panel List 2017-18Download
GB Elected Membership 2017-18Download
GPC Membership 2017-18Download
List of Harassment Advisers 2017-18Download
Volunteers to Sub-Committees 2017Download
TT 2017 Committee meetings CalendarDownload
Audit, Investment, Remuneration & Personnel and Conflict of Interest CtteesDownload
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