Life-Stories Day

Once a year, in Trinity Term, Wolfson College holds a Life-Stories event in which college members share stories that represent, or relate to, aspects of their lives. Contributions engage with concepts of identity, history and representation, and there are virtually no limits to the form that the submissions might take - from personal narratives to discussions of original artwork, dance performances and music. Over the course of the evening, participants revise, redefine and reflect on what might constitute the shape of a life-story. The event celebrates the college's rich diversity of cultures, experiences and nationalities in an encouraging and informal atmosphere. The night ends with an international buffet dinner, drinks and music.

Life Stories Day 2017

The Haldane Room June 5 2017

Organising Committee: Diana Rodríguez Perez, Valentina Olivieri, Federica Infantino, Zhen Zheng, Ivan Konoplev, and Frances Bell, with support from the President, Hermione Lee.

In Trinity term, the Life Stories Day returns, and with an accompanying exhibition. Speakers from Wolfson are invited to show an object to the audience, and to tell the story of how it represents, or relates to, aspects of their lives. Submissions may take a limitless variety of forms, from personal narratives, to discussions of original artwork, presentations of artefacts, powerpoint presentations, dance performances and music, to name a few. The only requirements are that the story has to represent or relate to aspects of the contributor’s life and that it must be presented in exactly FOUR minutes. The event will be followed by an international buffet and drinks will be provided.

A Day in the Life of a College: Wolfson through its Objects

This accompanying exhibition aims to explore Wolfsonians’ lives through meaningful objects that relate to their work and daily-life in College, whether it be the pen that you use to take notes for your Dphil, the telephone that you answer everyday in your work at Wolfson,or your preferred pan to fry the chicken. Together with the object, we also need a concise description of it and of its meaning to you. Objects will be displayed for one month in showcases in the landing next to the Haldane Room.

Please visit to register your interest and to explore the website for more information.

Life-Stories Day 2012

The Haldane Room – Monday 21 May 2012

Organizing Committee: Nisha Manocha, Francesca Ghillani, Chris Malone, Grace Egan, and Andy Cutts in collaboration with the Secretary to the Governing Body, Julie Curtis and the President, Hermione Lee.

The third annual Wolfson College Life-Stories event attracted an audience of over 80 people, who were treated to a variety of contributions by fifteen Wolfsonians—students, fellows, and alumni—ranging from a video of gap-year adventures to avant garde music with some guitar, biography and poetry thrown in for good measure. Speakers used their four-minute contributions to reveal aspects of their lives and to show hidden passions or talents. The final contribution was a painting created during the course of the event that reflected on earlier presentations.

Following this humorous, emotional, and thought-provoking set of life-stories, the audience and participants moved into Hall for an international buffet dinner. This provided an opportunity to view the display curated by the Wolfson Arts Society and also formed an occasion to discuss informally the many compelling contributions with old and new friends across the Oxford community.

[Text by Andrew Cutts]

Life-Stories Day 2011

This event took place on 23 May 2011. Fifteen members of the college - including students, fellows, alumni, members of the governing body, and the President - made four-minute contributions. These took a number of forms, including songs, storytelling, poetry, presentations of artefacts and discussions of images. The success of this event was marked by the foundation of the Life-Stories Society, and by the Art Society's Life-Stories art installation.


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