Updated Thurs 12th May

  • Ballot News -  All available single, couples and family ballot accommodation for next academic year has now been offered. This means that unless an offer is cancelled there is currently no availability. The decarb project in the Annex and Outside Houses has reduced availability with the Annex removing 25 single rooms. As the project plans are still in development, we have only offered, so far, 96 single, 19 couples and 19 families accommodation for 2023. We are doing all we can to maximise the number of rooms available despite the project. The availability will increase as we reach January as the decarbonisation works start to wind down in some of the affected buildings. All students below the red line and on the waiting list who have been unsuccessful will be contacted if a room becomes available. However it is important to start looking at alternative accommodation if you haven't already done so. For Letting Agent details please see this link: AGENTS list - Current.pdf

Updated Thurs 12th May

  • Summer Extensions- These are currently being decided and all students requesting an extension will be emailed by the end of May.  We do not expect the number of rooms available for summer extensions to be less than usual, and have halved the number of rooms given over to conferencing to ensure this.

Updated Wed 18th May

The Wolfson ball will take place on June 11. See events page for all details.

All on-site accommodation will be accessible without entering the Ball perimeter except for B and C blocks.

If you live in C Block and are not attending the Ball, access will be via the small corridor that runs adjacent to the Buttery.  

If you live in B Block and are not attending the Ball, we strongly advise that you carry your University (Bod) Card on your person to allow easy access your room and to assist the security teams who will be making sure B Block is only accessible to its residents.

The cooperation of college members and residents on the day of the Ball would be greatly appreciated.