University Challenge 2019

Published on
Monday 14 October 2019
College & Community

University Challenge is a British quiz programme which first aired in 1962. The programme is hosted by Jeremy Paxman who asks a series of traditionally difficult and particularly specific questions that require a deep and diverse education to be able to answer.

The team representing Wolfson consists of Mary Caple, Claire Jones, Ryan Walker and Mike Perrin. The students were accompanied by the College's life-size mascot Sirius who lives in the President's Office. Perrin said, "Wolfson College President Tim Hitchens was generous enough to allow the team the use of not only the little wolf mascot and scarf for us to display mid-panel, but yet another special mascot wolf named Sirius. Sirius is a much larger and formidable doll than the standard sized canine doll, so the studio staff were a bit perplexed as how we could display it. Finally, they said we could put Sirius on the floor next to the panel. When Jeremy Paxman entered, he asked the staff 'Is that thing alive?!'."

After a close contest, Wolfson won 180-170 Sheffield. Wolfson will now go through to the second round.