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AMREF success in combating trachoma in Kenya

Published on:

7 October 2011

The Wolfson College AMREF Group has received praise for the fundraising that has helped enable the activities of a project to combat trachoma in Kenya.

Trachoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide, with an estimated six million adults having lost their vision to trachoma and 84 million people affected by the infection worldwide.

But Trachoma is both treatable and preventable, by promoting safe hygiene and sanitation practices, using antibiotic eye ointment, or a simple operation for more complex cases to reverse the scarring and visual damage.

The initiative by AMREF and its partners has so far contributed to over 40% of trachoma surgeries carried out in Kenya. Other initiatives include the training of health workers as Trachoma surgeons, screening of over 5,000 people, mass distribution of antibiotics to 80% of the population, training of teachers in personal hygiene promotion, and the building of latrines and water storage tanks in schools, benefiting approximately 350,000 school children.

AMREF and Sightsavers will continue to encourage advocacy for increased allocation of Governmen resources to prevent blindness through the National Prevention of Blindness Committee.

There is a video providing more details about the project on YouTube called ‘The Right to Sight'.

The Wolfson/AMREF Group has been fundraising to help support the African Medical and REsearch Foundation (AMREF) for nearly twenty years. To find out more, please come along to the next meeting at 1.30 pm on Tuesday 19th October, or contact Dr Mark Pottle or the College Secretary, Jan Scriven for more information.